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We are a specialist cricket publisher associated with high-quality writing and publication standards.

We can consider new titles but any prospective authors need to consider that they shouldn’t be in it for the money. We will produce fine books but are under no misapprehension about the difficulties of selling, except in relatively small numbers.

All ‘in print’ titles are available from bookshops or online but like any small publisher we’d prefer you buy direct from us.

New Titles

OUT NOW Wilfred Rhodes: The Triumphal Arch by Patrick Ferriday.

OUT NOW Field of Dreams: 150 Years at the County Ground, Hove by Patrick Ferriday and James Mettyear.

OUT NOW The Headleys: Three Generations of Test Cricketers by John Flatley.

To purchase any of our titles, follow the book through the 'Purchase' drop-down menu.
For payment by bank transfer or cheque please email, write or phone.
01273 962080

31 Highcroft Villas

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